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What is your most popular flavor?

Currently, Concentrated E-Liquid is our most popular tobacco blend and Menthol Ice is our most popular Menthol blend. We do have some exciting new flavors being introduced this year that may change this ranking. Read More

What ingredients are used in your E-Liquid?

Our ingredients contain USP Grade Propylene Glycol and USP Grade Glycerin along with a proprietary blend of USP Grade Natural and Artificial flavorings. All ingredients are FDA and SGS approved food additives, and we use only the highest quality USP Grade Nicotine with a Certificate of Analysis. Our nicotine is tested and documented to be a minimum of 98%-99% pure before our e-liquid is created in our Chinese factory. Read More

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About us

Feellife Bioscience International Co.,Ltd is an integrated company, specialized in research, development, production, and trade, mainly in natural plant extraction. We have our own tobacco plantations, besides, there are also many other raw material production bases cooperating with us, such as tea factories. We have built up close cooperation relationships with worldwide essential material manufacturers, institutions and plant cultivated regions, and we also have our own self-invested plant region and extraction factory. Since 2005, our company has cooperated with Shenyang Chemical Lab of Chinese Academy of Sciences to work with Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Germany equipments.




E- liquid is the solution which is vaporized in an electronic cigarette in order to produce the vapor. Feel Life are able to offer a very wide flavors of great E-Liquid in different nicotine strengths so there's something to suit every individual and every taste!


Concentrate E-liquid

Flavor is the key to your satisfaction. We have choosed the best 30 flavors to strengthen their tastes. We wanted to deliver the true tastes to make sure that if the flavor says Apple, it should taste like Apple! Enjoy it !



Feel Life original patented product is an approximate toothpaste-like products using non-toxic, safe and nice aluminum tube packaging. Significant features: easy to use; smoke volume; use a long time; easy to carry and transport.


Pure Nicotine

We supply 99.9%, 99.5%,99%,98% pure nicotine and 40% nicotine sulphate in different grades as chemical raw materials or used as a pharmaceutical intermediate

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